Felicity Swallow is an artist living and working in Bristol. Her work is created through the exploration of digital media and its role as a mediator between reality and ourselves. These technologies are used as tools to disseminate the world and are increasingly interwoven into the fabric of our daily lives, knitted so tightly with our experience of the world that it is difficult to define at which point we are experiencing reality and when we are simply observing the technological model of such. The model therefore becomes the experience and begins to replace reality itself.

She particularly focuses on technologies, which span digital cartography such as Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Sky Maps. She explores the tension between the mechanical data they are comprised of and the natural forms they represent, whilst considering questions concerned with the way in which these abstract technologies are changing our relationship to our surroundings.

Through process and time-based drawings, she creates physical maps and records from this intangible digital information, visualising hidden technological systems.